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Alcom security understands that commercial premises need heavier security protection than domestic residences. The fact that there can be high value items inside, and few witnesses to hear the noise, can encourage a burglar to spend more time and bring extra heavy duty equipment to do the job.

Crimsafe have engineered a new level of security to combat this threat.

Crimsafe's ® Commercial Systems have four main changes from the domestic product range:

  1. Increased number of tamper-proof screws holding the clamp together by a factor of 5 (there's one every 25mm along the clamp)
  2. Screws are drilled nto the clamp in a staggered fashion to resist any tendency for a single line of screws to weaken the mesh under extreme pressure
  3. A doubled clamp-to-mesh contact area for extra vice-like grip
  4. Increased aluminium frame thickness by more than 60% to significantly increase the screen's resistance time under the heaviest attacks.

Crimsafe knew that they had created something special when they saw Commercial Crimsafe® withstand a ballistic missile test. Quite simply it's incredibly strong. If you saw just how many screws go into it, and how thick the frame is, you would agree that it is impossible to penetrate with any common attack. And unlike old fashioned security bars (which can be pried apart with a jack) it looks fantastic on your building or new development.

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